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>>> and now to the democratic national convention. first lady michelle obama told the nation a perm story of family and -- personal story and one of her husband's dedication. it was the dnc's opening night and mark matthews has the story now from the convention arena in charlotte, north carolina. >> in her speech tonight, michelle obama had the opportunity to define the president in her own terms. >> he was still the guy who picked me up for our dates in a car that was so rusted out i could actually see the pavement going by in a hole in the passenger side door. >> she said before the decision about running for the white house she was worried it would change them. >> i had seen firsthand that being president doesn't change who you are. no, it reveals who you are. >> michelle obama said her husband refused to listen to those who told them to leave health carrie form to somebody else. >> he did it because he believes that here in america our grandparents should be able to afford their medicine. our kids should be able to see a doctor when they are sick. he believes that women are more than
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? >> see you then. thanks, sandhya. >>> barack obama and mitt romney duking it out now at the home stretch. the new poll showing the race in a key battleground state is slipping away from romney. why he says he is not worried. >> and the bay area native who survived a deadly of a good afternoon. what he is saying about his ordeal. >> and a quarter of a million dollar jackpot lost in san francisco. >> and then later on "nightline" -- >> i'm cynthia mcfaden, coming up next on "nightline," in the rebellion against the new healthy school lunch guidelines. and from harry potter to a new book for adults only. jk ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant shift in momentum in the race for president. new polls show president obama now 10 points up on mitt romney in ohio which is a key battle ground sta
to ceremonies at joint base andrews in maryland. president obama called the 52-year-old stevens everything america could want as an ambassador. secretary of state clinton knew him personally. >> during the revolution in libya he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tyrant. and he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> after tad's ceremonies the bodies were sent to a military mortuary in delaware. plans for christopher steven's funeral are pending. >>> anti-american protests are spreading across the globe. demonstrations are on going in 30 countries right now. at least four people have been killed in the chaos. u.s. troops are on their way to secure embassies in sudan, yemen and libya. at the center of these protests, the independent on-line movie made here that insults islam and ridicules the prophet, mohamed. but should youtube pull them from their site. thomas roman is live with the debate for us. thomas? >> president obama has deployed troops equiped for combat in libya and yemen to defend citizens and property. they fear it will worsen in the coming d
are in for a scary time. >> when i hear barack obama who doesn't know the difference between a general and an admiral when he made a mistake last week or calls a marine corpsman, i think that our chief doesn't have an idea. >> it costs thousands per couple. >>> president obama appeared at a campaign rally in have you vaw, one of the eight battleground states. he is expected to stop in the bay area for a fundraiser here on october 8th. >>> a charter jet carrying ann romney and secret service agents and a crew of three had to make an emergency landing in denver after an electrical fire filled the plane with smoke. a flight attendant used a fire distinguisher to contain that vapor. no oxygen masks were deployed, and there were no injuries. mrs. romney was on her way from omaha to santa monica. she arrived in los angeles a few hours later. the f.a.a. is investigating. >>> a jail lock down from a case of tuberculosis was lifted. they locked down a section of the facility in redwood city to prevent a possible spread of the illness. two inmates were dying -- diagnosed with active cases of tb. the couple wit
the united nations tomorrow but earlier today he and mrs. obama sat down with the women of the view. barbara walters asked if mr. s obama might one day want to run for office. >> well but what are you going to do the rest of your life. >> well, first 0things first here. we do have an election ahead. plus applause i have got all kind of things i want to do in second term. i love teaching. i miss teaching. snoom you can catch the entire interview with the president and mrs. obama on the view tomorrow at 10. by the way, he did say that she didn't quite the temperament for public office. she agreed with him. >>> tonight bay area television legend was honored. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez celebrates 40 years with kg o television. friends and colleagues including dan and mark and vick lee marked this event by dining with don at san francisco johns grill. lots of memory tonight for don including racing to breaking news story on the first day at abc 7 news with photographer who broke a few rules along the way. >> we went from the station to the fairmount hotel actually in reverse
-father. he also says president obama called the family tonight to offer his condolences, and he says that was greatly appreciated. abc7 news. >> thank you, ama. >>> in cairo, egypt, for a second night, they were hurling firebombs outside the u.s. embassy. the protesters tried to breech the barbed wire and the teargas kept them at bay. >> law enforcement personnel from around the state will honor kenyan youngstrom tomorrow. he was shot to death by a driver last week during an east bay traffic stop. the service will take place at the mission church in vacaville tomorrow morning at 10:00. we will have live coverage on abc7 and at abc7news.com. governor brown is expected to attend that service. >>> for the third time in two weeks, a man has sexually molested a woman near stanford university. around 1:30 this afternoon a man came up behind a woman walking on the sidewalk by a man swraw me tau field and groabed her. she -- and groped her. he is described as hispanic and about 5 foot 5 and 185 pounds with long, black hair wearing a thick, gold chain and fitted white top and dark pants. two
. president obama and first lady michelle paid visits to arlington national cemetery and the pentagon. >>> in the south bay, a multi multi-phase picnic took place in front of the government center. >> the gathering started with several people including a four-year-old muslim girl saying prayers promoting peace and sharing their thoughts 11 years after 9/11. >> slowly people are getting more and more educated and they are starting to understand that most of the americans born here are not a threat to the united states. >> they are 1.2 billion in the world. and 99.9% are peaceful. >> also on display the quilt symbolizing the library. >> the bay area 9/11 ceremonies included this one for the passengers and crew killed aboard san francisco-bound flight 93. firefighters in san francisco and san jose pause to remember the first responders. many of them firefighters killed at the world trade center. >>> the san francisco ethics commission formally approved the findings that he committed official misconduct. it was unclear when they suspended -- when the sheriff will find out if he can keep h
to do is convince the 5 to 10 percent or better that are independent. >>reporter: obama campaign pounced saying quote it is shocking that candidate for president of the united states would go behind closed doors and declare to group of wealthy donors that half the american people view themselves as victims. tonight romney held impromptu press conference in california to respond. >> the president believes what i describe as government centered society. it's not elegantly stated let me put it that way. i'm speaking off the cuff in response to question i'm sure could i state it more clearly and in a more effective way. >>reporter: abc news washington. >> now "nightline"will have more on the romney tape and his response medley following this newscast at 11:35. >>> more developing news tonight. bomb hoax caused scare for some passengers on san francisco to new york flight today. somebody called police to say explosives were on board. both american airline flight 24 out of sfo and fin air jet both planes landed safely at jfk and tax toy far corner of the airport. one of the pilo
difference between his philosophy and that of president obama. >> frankly we have two different views. the president is one of a larger government. >> the president said the president should be working for everyone and not a select group of constituents. today they released the rest of the secretly recorded video made months ago at a florida campaign event. the big question is who made the romney recording. it was a closed door, $50,000 a plate fundraiser at the home of a private equity investor. the camera was placed on a table off to the side. former president jimmy carter's grandson says he tracked down the source after seeing a clip on youtube and convinced the person who took it to turn it over to mother jones. later on fight line, more about that secret recording and why it was made after this newscast. bob bob a -- a reunion turned deadly. police shot 26-year-old adaogi to death during a domestic dispute that spiraled out of control. he stabbed his two brothers and his father. they say when they arrived other family members were defending themselves with clubs and metal pipes.
with the real refs, embarrassed and ashamed into settling this. even president obama and bill clinton weighed in on this botched call from last night where seattle was awarded a td on the final play after the replacement zebras said he had possession of the ball and it was clearly intercepted. the fallout continues today. >> i received more text messages and e-mails than i did after the super bowl. i can tell the impact it has made. >> in this case it came down to what i understood from the officials there was a simultaneous catch. that's how they called it. and the tie goes to the runner. >> pete carol says excellent call. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. he had no problem with it. >> looked good to him. >> of course. thanks, larry. >>> "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time, as always. the morning news begins tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> you can always find us at abc7news.com and on facebook and twitter. >> check us out there. see you tomorrow.
at matthews abc 7. >>> and as the convention gets and way president obama stopped in louisiana today offering support to those hit hard by hurricane isaac. the president toured saint john parish where president damage and mangled trees line the streets. he pledged federal aid in the ream where about 125,000 people still without power. >> although there was tremendous property damage people were in a position to get out quickly and as you can see folks are on the ground already clearing out the debris and making sure that they are able to recover as rapidly as possible. >>reporter: initial estimate indicate the storm caused more than 2 billion dollars in damage. >> vallejo man wounded by police a shooting that left his companion dead claims that neither of them was carrying the pellet gun police say they had. police say they opened fire on 23-year-old mario romero when he pulled what appeared to be a gun on them early sunday morning as they approached his car parked outside his pepper drive home. now he was killed in a 30 shot barrage. his 21-year-old brother-in-law jess he have johnson w
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